My Approach

I believe that we get stuck when old beliefs about ourselves keep us from moving forward towards our goals.  These old beliefs can come from a variety of sources – for many of us the primary sources are past experiences and from family and cultural messages that helped form our ideas about how we “should” be and act.   

In my work with clients I help folks understand what old beliefs are in play and – using a variety of therapeutic approaches and tools – learn how to shift towards healthier ways of being.  

Specific issues I work with clients on include: 

•         Relationship issues including looking for a relationship. 

•         Career issues including finding your "right livelihood" and navigating 

•         Issues around weight and body image.  

•         Specific mental health symptoms including depression and anxiety. 

•         I specialize in LGBTQ Community issues although I serve all people in
           my practice.

Theories that inform my practice include:  Bowen Family Systems, Structural, Narrative, Solution Focused, Contextual, and Cognitive Behavioral.  

To make an appointment please call me at 206.595.2659 or e-mail me at

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